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The Spirit of Offense-Thursday-4-20-17


The spirit of offense can rise up so quickly in our lives; we feel people did us wrong, we get hurt and feel rejected. Jesus knew all of these feelings, and dealt with them Himself three times in a 24 hour period! But through the Holy Spirit, we have the power to resist the temptation to feel offended, thus allowing bitterness to come into our lives and rob our peace and relationships.

7 Places Jesus Shed His Blood-Good Friday-4-14-17


Jesus shed His blood in seven places in His physical body. It is amazing how each of these bought back something for you and I! This teaching from Pastor Larry Huch’s book by the same title will revolutionize the way you have thought about Jesus’ crucifixion. It will give you a fresh, new understanding of the absolute price Jesus paid for us!

His Favor is for a Life Time-Sunday-4-9-17


We can think we have messed up, made too many, or too big of mistakes. But God never holds anything against us…Psalm 46 says that “His anger is for a night; His Favor is for a lifetime!” Let this message give you renewed hope even in the midst of seeming despair over our past.

Sit Down! The Work is Finished-Sunday-3-12-17


Worrying is like eating a whole pizza at midnight then going to bed; your body never gets to rest because it’s working to digest the food! And God wants us to rest….He has given us a position that is far above every circumstance we face! We are seated, with Christ, in heavenly places, and the enemy really is under our feet. Find out here how we can rise above our circumstances when we take advantage of our position in Christ…and rest, trusting God to work in the situation.

Your Deliverer Is Coming-Sunday 3-5-17

If you have been experiencing extreme testing, difficult circumstances and impossible situations, God wants you to know that your Deliverer is coming! Your greatest trial is about to become your greatest victory. Let this encouraging prophetic word give you hope for the new season that God is about to bring your way.