By: Pastor Thomas E. Smith

I would like to ask you a question. What were the two most important days of your life? An African Chief asked his American friend this question. After thinking for a few moments, his American friend replied, “The day I was born and the day I died.” The African Tribal Chief replied, “You are partially right. It is true that the day you were born is correct. However, the second most important day of one’s life is when one discovers why they were born.”

Let me give you several more questions to ponder.
Why am I here?
Why do I get up each morning?
Why has I created and what was God’s purpose for creating me?

Listed below are some facts that few people are aware of:
Without purpose you will not heal as fast.
Without purpose you will not live as long.
Without purpose you will accomplish very little.

What is your vision? Proverbs 18 says, “Without a vision My people perish.” The meaning of vision means having an ongoing revelation. One cannot have a purpose without first having a vision and if you have been able to read all of the above words you most certainly are alive. If you are without purpose, however, you are also without vision, which means that your quality of life is far below God’s purpose for creating you!

Allow me to ask you one more question which will empower you to have both vision and purpose. What is it that both excites and fulfills you while you are doing it? Go for it and you will know why you were created and you will automatically receive ongoing revelation, vision and the power of purpose!